Transferring to the UK as an Electrician – Overseas Qualifications

Transferring to the UK as an Electrician – Overseas Qualifications

Wherever in the world you are moving from, even from a country that has closely aligned standards, there are various steps everyone will need to follow to gain a Gold Card with the JIB/ECS, otherwise known as a “Gold Licence”, in the UK.

The following is a guide to how you can achieve the Gold Licence. Some of this can be started in advance of your arrival into the UK, whilst some things will need to be done once you arrive.

Here are the 6 steps to success:

  1. STEP 1 – Qualifications Recognition – Your will need to have your current qualifications recognised through the ECCTIS scheme. This assessment is simply a comparability of your existing qualifications against the UK standards for an Electrician. Typically you will receive all the Knowledge Units, but unfortunately not the Practical Units of the electrical work for a full qualification recognition – it doesn’t really exist anymore. Don’t worry though, we will need this for later on in the process. To do this process, you will need to visit this site – and submit copies of your qualification(s). Choose – INDUSTRY SKILLS STATEMENT WITH SKILLS MAPPING for the Gold Card route.


  1. STEP 2 – Health and Safety Course – You will need to meet the standards for Work Health and Safety, so when you arrive, you should arrange for this one-day course. We always recommend the Safety Passport Alliance (SPA) Core H & S Course as this is relatively cheap at around £178 per person. This course will allow you to at least apply for an ECS Labourers Card. Note: You will need a National Insurance Number to gain the labourers card, as well as a letter from an employer.


  1. STEP 3 – 18th Edition Electrical Wiring Regulations BS7671 (Amendment 2:2022 – Brown Book). The next step in the process is to start studying for the 18th Edition using our online course. Once you arrive in the UK, you can do your exam within days, either online by remote invigilation (At-Home Exam) using a windows computer, or in one of our centres. You will need the 18th Edition Regs Book for the study and the open-book exam. For details on this Online Course and Exam, please see –


  1. STEP 4 – 2391-52 Level 3 Initial and Periodic Inspection and Testing – This qualification is needed for two purposes, firstly, you will need to complete this before you finish the 2346 Experienced Worker Assessment (Next Step). Effectively you can do these at the same time, just ensure you finish before you need your certificate for the EWA, as it is essential. Now to boggle your mind a little. The 2391-52 is made up of two parts – 2391-50 Initial Verification and the 2391-52 Periodic Inspection and Testing. It is only the Initial you will need for the EWA. The full qualification 2391-52 is needed if you intend on applying as an “Approved Electrician” Gold Card holder. You can start this course online from your home country and do the exams when you arrive in the UK. For more details – visit – Note: You will need the BS7671 18th Edition Wiring Regulations, Guidance Note 3:2022 Edition and the BS7671 Onsite Guide. You can get these from Amazon as a bundle (as the 2391 exams are open-book, you will need to have these with you when you do the exam).


  1. STEP 5 – NVQ Level 3 – Experienced Worker Assessment – The NVQ Level 3 Experienced Worker Assessment (EWA) is simply a portfolio of evidence developed in the workplace across two installations and two rectification tasks. We specialise in this programme and will make life easy on you for this process. You should only enrol in this once you have your arrived and have work lined up. It is important to note that you will need to provide the report from STEP 1 before you enrol anyway, to make your life even easier. For more details on the Experienced Worker Assessment – Visit our website –

Note: By enrolling into the EWA, you can gain an EWA Card from the JIB, which is equivalent to a Gold Card, for an 18_month period. You must complete the EWA in this time, including the AM2E exam in Step 6.


  1. STEP 6 – AM2E Exam – Final Exam – This 4-hour final exam is undertaken to prove that you are an electrician. We will guide you on this and try arranging free training prior to you undertaking your exam. This exam is normally around £750 + vat.


Now that the shock is over, there are some things to consider when going down this route. Firstly, how long are you going to be staying in the UK and is it necessary to go through this expense? If you are here for 2 years or less, you should really consider this question and look at the ECS Labourers Card (Health and Safety Course Only). Note: Employers will expect you to have the 18th Edition as well.


If you are intending on staying, then these steps are definitely the pathway for you. There are a lot of employers who will look at paying for the EWA and the 2391-52 and it is certainly worth asking this question when applying for work. You should arrive for employment with at least the Health and Safety Card and 18th Edition Wiring Regulations completed. Most of our clients can get all of this done in around 8-12 weeks if they start the online learning in advance and complete the assessments on arrival. This includes the EWA evidence portfolio in the workplace (depending on your job status of course).


For further assistance or to discuss your options for transferring your qualifications from overseas as an electrician, please contact us:

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